The Center for the History of International Relations functions as a department of the Faculty of History within the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iași. It offers educational (interdisciplinary MA courses) and research programs focused on the scientific understanding of the history of the international institutions, organisms and relations during the modern and contemporary eras. The Center trains future specialists, publishes specialised works, and gathers a research collective, with possibilities to assimilate the new methodological directions and to access unpublished historical sources.

The Center pursuits historical knowledge and the assimilation of fundamental concepts from the theoretical framework of international relations, within a number of interdisciplinary study programs. Instilling the habits necessary to students for accessing the specialised literature and databases. Acquiring the linguistic tools for reading, translating and interpreting a text pertaining to the history of international relations. The Center provides the students with documents from archives, photocopies, Internet access, electronic or printed materials. Depending on the number of solicitors, the Center can organise, on a pay basis, courses on communications in English, French and German.

The fundamental mission of the Center is to coagulate the capabilities available in the academia in order to develop solid educational and research programs meant to form future specialists. The Center seeks to act as a link between the academia and the various governmental or non-governmental structures