The MA program in International Relations, Institutions and Organisations is open towards all new academic graduates. The program is foremost recommended to those seeking to become counsellors or specialists in questions of international politics. As a rule, the program offers wide possibilities for specialisation to graduates in the humanities, but also to those with an economics background, as well as to personnel of military institutions.


Cultural institutions and organisations, research centres, education, mass-media, governmental organisms, business centres, diplomacy, national security.

Courses and seminars

First year
Introduction to the study of international relations
The modern state system 1648-1815
Eastern Europe and the Peace of Westphalia
European order 1815-1878
The Triple Alliance and the Entente 1879-1914
The origins of the Great War
The system of collective security 1919-1939
The origins of the Second World War
The Cold War
The world order after 1989
International relations and marriage strategies in the 20th century
The Francophony
Culture and politics
Second year

Norms, principles, institutions, schools
International relations. History and politology
The genesis of the national identities in Europe
From the League of Nations to the United Nations
Nato and EU
The European Construct. Politics and institutions
International juridical institutions and organisations
Mass-media and internal relations